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Core services


  • Legal Services

  • We can provide foreign enterprises and individuals investing in Thailand with all kinds of legal services.

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  • Company Registration

  • We can provide accurately provide enterprises and individuals with company registration services and offer one-stop solution plans.

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  • Visa Services

  • We are familiar with various visa handling procedures and can effectively meet your development needs in Thailand.

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What do you need most when you

What do you really need to develop in Thailand?We can help you.

  • A professional accounting law consultant 
  • A professional manager familiar with the Thai market

Simple Process, One Step In Place

Legal Services

Companies Listed

Pre-listing legal investigation, listing feasibility analysis, and assistance in draft formulation;


Civil and commercial dispute settlement, customer dispute settlement, criminal defense, and litigation agency services;

Real Estate

Legal services for clients’ purchase or construction of real estate projects, and assistance in real estate project financing;

Foreign investment

Assistance in clients in selecting overseas resources, techniques, bands and markets for overseas investment;

Financial securities

Assistance in establishment and operation of various private equities, bond investment funds, and industrial funds;


Immigration supervision, pre-litigation mediation, legal guidance for immigration, international resource integration, and founding of offshore compan

Legal consulting

Legal consulting services customized for various enterprises, public institutions and individuals;

Tax planning

Optimized tax planning for enterprises and fortune planning for individuals.

MDR—Devoted, Professional and Unique

Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm| Professional Thailand legal services and company regisration
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